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What is the Eco-label?

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eco labelOn the following pages, you'll find a detailed description of the concept behind the Eco-label, an in-depth look at its main characteristics and elements, the methodology behind the Eco-label scheme, the mission statement (pdf ~ 8K) and information about new developments. The EU Eco-label has a clear objective of encouraging business to market greener products. Part of our mission is to provide the producers with the necessary information to reap the advantages of this strategy. If you are a retailer, discover here which benefits you can obtain from the Eco-label and learn from others' experience. For the consumers, there is no better way to make informed environmental choices when purchasing. Environmental organisations already support the scheme, but what about some more pressure?

The overall objective of Community policy on the environment and business is to contribute to sustainable development. The EU eco-label scheme (as laid down in the new Regulation (EC) No 1980/2000) is now part of a wider approach on Integrated Product Policy (IPP) within the new Action Programme. The Commission has published a Green Paper on IPP that will be a key innovative element of future environmental policy and sustainable consumption and production. Strategically, the European eco-label Scheme is, and will be, in line with the principles, goals and priorities of the 6th action Programme "Our Future, Our Choice".

Following the Rio Summit in 1992, preparations by the EU on the overall objectives of sustainable development are underway as the year 2002 will be the year of RIO+10. 2002 will also see the 10th anniversary of the Flower label. The European eco-label is based on the vision of greening non-food products all over Europe in a joint and common approach of all European stakeholders brought together in the European Union Eco-labelling Board (EUEB).

The Scheme's core assets are its growing numbers of customers and stakeholders: their information, their ideas and their desire and ambition for green products all over Europe. The eco-label is a rapidly growing brand, which organises people around the pursuit of common interests and causes. It is, therefore, a very valuable policy tool for the better integration of the Community's environment, single market and other policies.

A joint working plan set up by the Commission and agreed by Member States will set out our key objectives and plans for joint action. Within the next months the Flower will also benefit more and more from a closer co-operation and co-ordination process with national schemes.

Due to the new activities of Member States and the Commission on IPP, more attention has already been drawn to areas such as consumer protection, health and environment and resource management.

It is no wonder that exactly these areas are being focussed upon in the new Action Programme and in the Flower Scheme.

The message is clear: to initiate a Europe-wide programme with a cross-border European commitment to action that will provide a simple and effective tool for producers, retailers and all of us as consumers.

The Scheme is easy to use once you know how it works, so read on and support it. Together we can make the most of it for YOUR interest both as a stakeholder and as a consumer.


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